Opening of Sangira Talents Bakery

On 17 July 2023, we celebrated a memorable day at Sangira School – the official opening of the „Sangira Talents Bakery“! This event was the result of hard work and valuable collaboration between our talented Sangira students and nine budding bakers from Switzerland.

Our goal of enriching the Nyamasheke community with delicious baked goods has now been achieved. Although we lacked funding and expertise, together we have created incredible results. The Sangira Talents Bakery is much more than a bakery – it is a symbol of education, cultural exchange and the transformative power of community. Our Sangira students are able to put their skills into practice and gain valuable experience in the bakery trade.

The nine talented bakery students from Switzerland not only brought their expertise and passion for baking, but also showed great interest in our culture and Rwandan traditions. This unique collaboration has resulted in a taste experience that makes the Sangira Talents Bakery products unique. The opening of the bakery presented an impressive variety of breads, pastries and cakes made by our Sangira students and the bakery apprentices from Switzerland. It was a celebration of the cultural links between Rwanda and Switzerland.

We are excited about the exciting journey of the Sangira Talents Bakery and look forward to the delicious creations that will come out of this unique bakery. Join us on this adventure!

Sangira News

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