In the Nyamasheke region on the road from Rusizi to Kibuye, we are constructing a building for a shop with a cafeteria. This will enable the apprentices to sell their products from the carpentry work shop (project 2), to serve the customers in the cafeteria with regional products.

The apprenticeship includes training in sales and catering and running the business under the guidance of professionals.

In addition, we are building an information pavilion to present our 4 Sangira projects to locals and tourists. Those who want to can support us directly on site with a donation.

For the realisation of this project we need about CHF 130’000 in the first year. Project costs include the construction of the building, the infrastructure including sanitary facilities, the sales room, the cafeteria and the interior. In the following years we expect income from the sales and the variety in offers. Our goal: the shop and cafeteria will be self-financing and create new jobs.