Sangira Graduation Cohort 1 on 13.07.2023

What a big day! On the afternoon of 13 July 2023, 120 excited and proud Front Office, Culinary Arts, Service and Housekeeping students gathered for their graduation ceremony. Beaming faces passed us by, the future professionals who, after 6 months of intensive theoretical and practical training and 3 months of professional internship, are now ready to enter the world of work and earn an income that will provide a better life not only for them but also for their families.

A special milestone was reached that day when the school in Sangira was officially accredited by the Rwandan authorities. We were privileged to welcome high level representatives including the Mayor of Nyamasheke, ministers, hotel managers and members of the Chamber of Tourism. This recognition is further proof of the quality and relevance of our training programmes.

It was a moving moment to witness this emotional climax. Swiss Television (SRF) also joined us on this memorable day and we look forward to their coverage in the near future. Such an occasion shows how education and dedication can open the doors to a successful future. We are proud of our graduates and wish them all the best for the rest of their lives.

Sangira News

School Restaurant launch

On 1 February 2023, Sangira inaugurated the school restaurant in Kagano (Nyamasheke), which is run by the students and a hired cook. The inauguration dinner

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