In the Nyamasheke region we are building a work shop with training rooms for future carpenters and gardeners. In the carpentry as well as in the garden nursery, we will work exclusively with materials and products from Rwanda – everything must be ecological and sustainable. The manufactured products will be sold from a sales stall and an own shop on the road from Rusizi to Kibuye. Once the eco-lodge hotel is initiated (project 4), the apprentices will directly be integrated for work.

Vocational education will last 6-12 months. The graduates have the opportunity to find a job or even open their own business. The focus is on future earnings and the support of their own family. Sangira especially supports young women who want to learn a profession for a secure income and a fulfilling life.

With this project we will promote the dual vocational training system in Rwanda according to the Swiss system. For that purpose, Sangira will also look for young Swiss professionals to spend some weeks with vocational students for knowledge transfer and experience.

For the realisation of this project, approximately CHF 550,000 have been budgeted.