Sangira – Development and Vocational Training in Nyamasheke, Rwanda –
for a start into a promising future

Sangira provides young Rwandans with solid, professional vocational training in the hotel, catering, carpentry and horticulture sectors. We focus on helping locals with non privileged backgrounds and give priority to training women, because they face the most difficult conditions and make a decisive contribution to feeding their families.

Nyamasheke District at the border of lake Kivu is far away from Rwandan capital, Kigali. The region has a broad potential for sustainable touristic development. However, there are few local opportunities for professional education and training. By initiating and realizing vocational training projects, Sangira aims at reducing local unemployment rate of the young generation after their leave of school and helps to lay ground for a prosperous professional living for them in their home country.

Rwanda gathers many young enthusiastic people with a basic education and high potential. Sangira’s expertise in vocational training and many new local opportunities will support the country’s development targets to become a flagship of vocational education in Africa.

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