Standort für den Bau der Öko-Lodge

The eco-lodge hotel school will be built on the Ishara Peninsula at Lake Kivu – an idyllic, green, unspoilt area in the Nyamasheke region. Good road infrastructure is already there. Despite increasing demand there exist only a few hotels in this region. The eco-lodge offers tourists an oasis of peace and nature. From the location it takes only 30 minutes by car to Nyungwe National Park with the habitat of chimpanzees, a breathtakingly high suspension bridge, with roaring waterfalls and various trekking tours in the cloud forest. In contrast, cycling enthusiasts book the eco-lodge as base camp or as a stage.

Our goal is to offer apprenticeship positions in all hospitality professions. In the immediate vicinity, our other projects 1-3 are also realized: Restaurant, shop, carpentry and nursery. This will allow to benefit from synergies, e.g. : guests accommodated in the eco-lodge will enjoy and savour home-grown and home-made products. Gardening in the resort will be done by apprentices.

This eco-lodge hotel will be committed to sustainability. Products are sourced from own production as well as from local farmers. The construction of the eco-lodge is also done with ecologically sustainable materials and carried out with the help of apprentices. The daily hotel operations are designed according to appropriate standards.

As a flagship project, we assume that the Eco-lodge hotel will already generate income in the second year of operation – and even a profit in the third business year. All earnings are reinvested into operational issues and hotel training.