Inauguration 3rd October 2022

Hotel talents pool, by CBC (Careersbuildingconsultants) in partnership with Sangira launched the first common hospitality school with four trades (Housekeeping, cooking, front office and waitressing) in Nyamasheke to foster young adults, of which there is a high unemployment rate in the age range of 18-23 years.

The inauguration of the Hotel Talents Pool school was celebrated on 3rd October 2022 with 120 students enrolled of which half are female and half are male.
The celebration of the launch was honoured by important visitors who gave speeches to the newly recruited students: Mayor of Nyamasheke… and government officials. The speeches were accompanied by the students who performed a traditional intore dance as well as a modern dance show to entertain the guests.

The students already impressed with their first skills by contributing to the impressive ceremony. The culinary students prepared a nice meal for all students, the guests as well as their parents at the newly refurbished kitchen in the school-restaurant which was served by the waitressing students themselves in the first restaurant in Nyamasheke! Four of the eight Sangira members from Switzerland attended the celebration and discussed the menu of the new restaurant which will include Rwandese and Swiss dishes to spoil the Nyamasheke guests. First voices were requesting a Sunday brunch buffet as well as coffee and cakes.

The students are extremely motivated and thanked the organisers for this unique possibility. Parents of the students commented: this is the chance of a lifetime for our child and we will give her all support we can in order to follow the studies.

The school could only be realised because of stakeholders working hand in hand and having the same social vision and passion to make the Hotel Talents Pool a big success.

Sangira News

School Restaurant launch

On 1 February 2023, Sangira inaugurated the school restaurant in Kagano (Nyamasheke), which is run by the students and a hired cook. The inauguration dinner

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